Melbot´s mission is to entertain beyond formats, always combining the tangible and open-ended aspects of traditional toys and the narrative and immersive nature of videogames. Our goal is to help parents to provide quality entertainment to their kids with products that have values and conciliate life with play, giving them the chance to participate in the game and in the digital life of their sons.

melbits catcher

Melbits Catcher

Discover the Melbits! Melbits are funky creatures that come from the digital plane. They live in the cloud so you may find them in every connected device!. Help Melbits in their travels thru the internet by hosting them in your device for a while! Catch Melbits with your smartphone in surprising places and take care of them, the better you do it, the longer they will stay with you!

melbits maker

Melbits Maker

With the Melbits Maker APP and the Melbits POD toy now you can make your own Melbits! The internet needs more Melbits than ever!. You have to use the Melbits POD toy to incubate more Melbits by solving instructive and fun challenges in the real world! This is the first toy of the Melbits saga that is designed to bring back to the kids the joy of playing with their surroundings!

melbits world

Melbits World


AVAILABLE NOW! Use your smartphones and your PlayStation™ 4 to safely guide a group Melbits to the next stage, by using coordination and rhythm. The game uses PlayLink™ technology so everyone in the room can play with their phone. Every level will surprise you with new challenges and interactions! The Collaborative arcade puzzle with Kawaii inspiration that is fun for all the family!.


#MelbitsOfficial y parte del equipo, están nominados en los #PremiosDeVuego2018 en las categorías de: mejor idea, mejor diseñador y mejor comunicadora. ¡Nos hace mucha ilusión estas nominaciones y compartirlas con gente tan buena!
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