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50.000 thanks for helping Melbits to spread good vibes on the PS4!

It has been a few months since we released Melbits World on PS4. It seems it was yesterday when we discovered the Melbits and started our adventure with them. We won the PS Talents Awards in 2017 and with a lot of hard work and enthusiasm we created this adorable platform and puzzle game. The Melbits needed people to guide them through fiendish traps and obstacles in order to keep the good functioning of the Internet and you have answered to their call playing with them through PlayLink and your smartphone. 

Melbits World was released at the end of 2018 in Europe, and a couple of months later in America. Since then, not only the game has been launched at the PSN Store: the original soundtrack, the demo, avatars or even a collector’s pack have seen their way to the Sony’s platform. 

And after all this journey, today we’re so proud to say that more than 50.000 people have enjoyed playing with Melbits on PS4. Players around the world have had a blast with family and friends around the couch while they were helping the Melbits to spread the good vibes. 

Of course, our journey along with the Melbits keeps on. Recently, we have announced our next adventure with them: the Melbits POD. A sensors equipped toy that reacts to light, temperature and movement to hatch and nurture your own Melbits tribe. This toy designed to spark and stimulate imagination as well as the creative thinking in kids, will be available for Melbits fans in an upcoming Kickstarter campaign very soon. 

Meanwhile, we would like to end this post giving 50.000 thanks to you! Thanks for giving an opportunity to these cute digital pixies on your PS4 and help us to keep growing. We can assure that there are more surprises about Melbits World to come at the end of this year. We expect to announce them soon. 

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