Cookie Policy

What are cookies? 

A “cookie” is a small file stored by your browser when told to do so by a website. Typically websites place a number of different cookies on an end-user’s machine. Some of the cookies are “1st Party,” from the website itself, and others are “3rd party,” belonging to advertising and analytics entities or social networks. MELBOT STUDIOS S.L.’s cookies are typically used to quickly identify your device and to “remember” your browser during subsequent visits for purposes of functionality, preferences, and website performance. 

Cookies are not the only types of technology that enable this functionality; we also use other, similar types of technologies.


What kind of cookies and other technologies are used in this website? 

a.- Analytic cookies: These cookies are not essential, buy  Melbot uses them to perform its own analytics and to enable analytics provided by third parties. Melbot uses these cookies to assess general information about the use of products, such as the number of visitors to our site and which sections of a site or service are popular. 

b.- Advertising cookies: Social media cookies offer the possibility to connect you to your social networks and share content from our sites through social media. Third parties advertising cookies also collect information to provide contextually-relevant advertising. 

c.- Location data. Melbot Studios, S.L. may use demographic and geo-location information as well as information logged from your hardware or device to ensure that relevant information is presented in each country. The location data is processed and stored only for the duration that is required for the provision of the location related Services. Melbot Studios, S.L. only uses corase, network-based geo-location data. Fine geo-location data (such as those obtained from a mobile device’s GPS) are not collected.

Melbot Studios S.L. or third parties may collect and use data, for such purposes, including but not limited to, data such as IP address, Device model and name, installed software, application usage data, hardware type and Operating System information.


How can I exercise choice regarding cookies? 

You can disable cookies or set your browser to alert you when cookies are being sent to your device; however, disabling cookies may affect your ability to use the Services. To exercise choices regarding analytics cookies, click here. 


How Does Melbot Studios use Web Beacons and other Technologies? 

A “web beacon” or a “pixel tag” is an electronic image (often not visible to the end-user) that allows Melbot Studios to count users who have visited certain pages or viewed certain advertisements. Additionally, e-mails and other electronic communications Melbot Studios, S.L. sends to you may contain pixel tags that enable Melbot Studios S.L. to track your usage of the communication, including whether the communication was opened and/or what links were followed, if any.

Because web beacons often work in conjunction with cookies, in many cases, declining cookies will impair the effectiveness of web beacons associated with those cookies.

There are a number of ways to exercise choice regarding these technologies. For example, many popular browsers provide the ability to clear browser storage, commonly in the settings or preferences area; see your browser’s help function or support area to learn more.