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Melbits POD

HATCH YOUR TRIBE!.  Melbits POD, a magical device with physical sensors to evolve and hatch your new family of digital pixies. The POD is a seamless experience: away from the screen and to the real world in the blink of an eye. Play to nurture, learn empathy and good digital habits for kids and adults alike. It's a never-ending surprise egg!.

Melbits World



THE CUTEST CHALLENGE! The definitive couch co-op game that will equally charm and challenge your family and friends. Available in PS4, where you will be able to play with your phone and now also in Nintendo Switch and PC. Every level will surprise you with new challenges and interactions!

Melbits World Mobile


THE CUTEST CHALLENGE GOES MOBILE! Bring the console to your mobile and enjoy our puzzle-platformer slash brain training game now as a single player experience. Find out about the Melbits World origins with TWO completely new worlds and new traps and mechanics... an amazing revamp only for our dearest small screen players!. A great commute game for the kawaii creature fans!.

Melbits Club Subscription