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Family friendly games are a perfect way to bond with your kids

Family friendly games to play with your kids

After a long day at work, your favourite moment of the day arrives: having fun playing with your children. You find them in the living room, playing the last trendy game. Does that sound familiar? You’re not the only one.

You’d like to share your video game passion with them. However, and at the same time, you’d like to find more games that foster and nurture positive values in your kids.  

Generations that have grown with games like Pokemon, Super Mario or Crash Bandicoot are starting to have children now. Back in the days for us video games were meant to be a door to other worlds with incredible characters but now they can also be the magical place to establish bonds with your kids. 


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The benefits of playing with your kids

Several studies have shown evidence of the benefit of intergenerational gaming. Playing family friendly games with your kids has a positive impact on their cognitive development as well as in your familiar relationship with them. Our CEO, Ivan Expósito, talked about the opportunities of gaming for bonding with your kids in his article in Venture Beat

In 2013, researchers Hayers and Siyahhan said that “parents miss a huge opportunity when they walk away from playing video games with their kids.” Many games are designed to teach problem solving or introduce even science or literature. Gaming with your kids offers new ways to engage and have teaching moments. Gaming together opens new lines of communication between family members strengthening the group relationships. 

However, as entertainment products, there are video games for all ages. And with that interest of parents sharing their passion for gaming with the children, some concerns appear. As it happens in films, the age ratings could serve as a guide, but at the same time it’s difficult to avoid them playing the last trendy game with their friends. Then, how can you spend time with your children while fostering positive values? 


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Parenting concerns about video games

The theory that video games promote violent behaviours has already been refuted. Although it is still a commonly held belief by many. But perhaps one of the real main concerns (for us as parents) is to find a balance between playtime (or screen time) and all the other important things when raising a child. A battle that might be lost if we are guilty of having used screens as “babysitters” to distract kids or have neglected the kind of digital content that your kid consumes. 

Jordan Shapiro, in his article for Forbes, argues, from a psychological point of view, that one of the best things you can do as a parent is to take an interest in the games they’re playing. “Children psychologists have always recognized how important play is to a child’s cognitive and emotional development.”

In Melbot, we intend to foster this positive take on play by creating digital toys and family friendly games where parents and kids can play together. Video games like Melbits World,  where players have to work cooperatively in order to solve the different puzzles blocking the Melbits, could be one of the plenty available options to have fun with your kids.

When you play co-op with your children, you’re working to achieve a common goal. Video games spark their imagination and creative thinking. If you participate in that world, playing with them, you’re validating their inner world with a positive reinforcement for what they’re passionate about. In addition, you’ll be having fun and offering a supporting space where emotional intelligence can grow.  

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