Which platforms will I be able to play Melbits World on?

We're going to release the game on PlayStation4 (PlayLink). In the near future, we are planning to release on PC (steam) and Smart TV platforms.

And the Melbits World PlayLink app?

The app will be available in iTunes and Google Play for free. You will be able to play on your phone and tablet/iPad.

Where will be the Melbits World PlayLink game available?

In PSN stores across Europe and PSN across Americas.

When will be Melbits World PlayLink released?

On Christmas season, 2018

How much will Melbits World PlayLink cost?

Melbits World will have a similar release price as the other PlayLink games.

What will be the age rating for Melbits World PlayLink?

The game will be ESRB - E and PEGI 3.

Is Melbits World PlayLink a game for kids?

It´s a kids game that adults can also enjoy.

On which languages will be available?

English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian.

Is there going to be a physical version?

The PS4 physical version (disc) will be available in certain markets, more news soon.

Are you going to release DLC packs?

Yes, we’re going to release expansion packs with new worlds, characters and other cool game features... this is just the beginning!.

Are you guys working with a publisher?

Nope, we are an independent studio. But we like publishers. Are you a publisher?. Call.

Is Melbits World only a videogame?

No it isn’t… (¬ ͜ ¬)

What about the other Melbits products featured on this website?

We are working really hard right now to be able to release some of them during 2019, more news soon!!!

If you have more questions about Melbits World, we will be glad to answer you via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! Thanks!