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Free online resources to create healthy digital habits in your kids

In our previous articles, we were talking about being aware that we live in a hyperconnected world, and how we should keep this in mind in order to educate our kids to develop healthy digital habits and manners. 

As a result of this hyperconnectivity, there is a term that is gaining relevance, especially when it comes to kids and technology: digital citizenship. But, what is it exactly? Basically, it’s the usual concept of citizenship but applied to a digital environment. Being responsible, participating positively in with your peers and using technology as a medium to make a better world. ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) created the following infographic to apply this term to children: 

Nowadays kids belong to the group known as ‘digital natives’. They are going to live in a world that interacts with virtual and digitales spaces. That’s why we should get involved in their digital and technological skill-learning process to achieve them in a positive and creative way.

How I’m going to do this? We got you covered. Here is a list of platforms and digital tools that will help your kids to learn positive digital habits and skills.


Be Internet Awesome

Be Internet Awesome is a program created by Google to help kids to develop basic digital habits and skills to discover the online world in a secure way. Besides offering guides and recommendations for parents, Be Internet Awesome features the digital adventure Interland, that help your kids to be safe and get digital safety key lessons with for challenging games. 

A great way to help your child be more confident and explore the online world safely.


Google Family Link

This new app developed by Google, lets you set positive digital habits remotely from your device to help your kids learn, play and explore the online world safely. Google Family Link allows parents to administer their kids’ devices, controlling which apps they can install and how much time they can spend on their phones. 

With this useful app, you no longer need to worry about what your kids are doing on their phones and how much screen-time are having. 


CS First / Scratch 

CS First is another free online program created by Google to help your kids take their first steps in programming. Using block programming tools like Scratch, your kids will learn to develop their own games and apps in house.  

One of the most interesting features of CS First is that it offers more than programming lessons. The platform has also courses about Storytelling, art or Game Design, giving your kids a multidisciplinary and complete learning.



Our last tool from Google (yes, they have plenty of them aimed to develop digital skills) is Canvas. As its name says, it’s a digital canvas to express your creativity whenever you want. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have installed tools like Paint or Krita in your computer. Besides, since it’s an online tool, Canvas also works with smartphones or tablet without any previous installation.


Art for Kids Hub

Another platform to encourage creativity and learning artistic skills is Art for Kids Hub. A digital space full of video art lessons for your kids. Going from drawing the Solar System to cut-out projects based on Minecraft, Art for Kids Hub offers you more than one hundred ideas about drawing, painting, sculpting...So grab your kids, some pencils and express your creativity! 



Quiver is a mobile app that takes coloring to the next level. Your kids will love this app that brings to life their colouring pages. Quiver comes with different packs of colouring pages to print (some of them for a few dollars), after coloring them, you’ll see how your creation springs from the page using Augmented Reality technology. 

A cool experience to encourage painting and keep your kids entertained for hours. 



Tinkercad is another proposal by Autodesk, one of the most important software companies, to teach us 3D Design, electronics and block programming. The purpose of Tinkercad is to offer accessible and easy-to-learn tools to create 3D models ready to print. 

Though different lessons our kids can learn the fundamentals of CAD as well as the process of transforming a digital model into a physical object. The electronics tool allows you to add electronic components and simulate a virtual circuit, even with Arduino, to bring light and movement to our designs. We can also create our designs with block programming tools. 

In essence, a great group of intuitive tools perfect to introduce your kids into engineering and getting amazed by designing and printing their own projects. 



CodeCombat encourages us to learn programming at the same time we play video games. Totally free, you and your kids can learn programming languages like Javascript or Python, controlling the video game characters with easy programming exercises.

A platform that promotes learning by doing, helping to improve problem-solving skill and creativity among our children through the development of their own games and websites. 



The maker movement provides the people with thousands of resources and projects that can spark new innovative ideas. Those resources can also help our kids to be more creative. One of those portals full of ideas and resources is Instructables. The website features  features user-submitted instructions for all kinds of projects that can entertain your kids and teach them plenty of things: programming, handicrafts ,etc. 


Bonus: Melbits™ World 

We wouldn’t like to end this list without mentioning Melbits™ World, our cute puzzle-platformer where you have to guide a group of Melbits through fiendish levels. A perfect game to bond with your kids and teach them positive habits like open communication and empathy, since communication and coordination are the key to success in the Melbits™ mission.


As you have already realized, our kids need to learn digital and multidisciplinary skills to face the world of tomorrow with confidence. Particularly, the maker movement can be a huge empowerment way for your children, even us are adopting it in our products

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