핵심 구성원

저희 팀은 비디오게임 개발의 관점과 제품 및 스마트 토이 개발의 경험의 조화를 추구합니다. 저희 팀의 배경으로는, 어린이를 위한 플레이스테이션™ 게임, 가전제품 및 앱이 있습니다.

Co-Founder & Creative Director
Outside-the-box thinker, game dev and music junkie. 8 years experience in mixing art and code to make cool stuff.
Co-Founder & CEO
8 years of experience as international design consultant for fortune 500 companies in the service of happiness and magic.
CFO & People Manager
M.Fin & Mapp with 10+ years experience as a CFO and HR. Honesty, Perseverance, Fairness, Hope and Prudence are my drivers.
Lead Artist
As an experienced digital artist I do what only I do best, amazing mistakes always following my intuition.
Gameplay Programmer
Over +4 years working in games and interactive experiences. While (!funnyEnough) {call(Mangel);}
Marketing Mgr. / Associate Producer
Marketing & Publishing specialist in gaming industry. Showing you what we create in our independent factory of ideas the best possible way.
Board Member & Producer
All terrain producer and larger than life storyteller, coming straight from Hollywood to Melbot.
Board Member & Biz Dev
Bringing up the hardcore business vision and at the same time the most tender mother's touch. She's our woman in the East.


Actividad financiada por ICEC y ICF

Actividad financiada por ENISA

Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de, Cultura y Deporte

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