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Melbits, when Fantasy met Technology

It was a couple of years ago. At Melbot we decided to design and create great entertainment that would foster positive values thanks to the latest technology. While messing around with programming and Artificial intelligence something odd happened. Within the code we found an anomaly (or should we say anomalies?). They were these digital pixies, full of good vibes, who live in all devices connected to the Internet. We decided to work together and with their help we launched Melbits World: THE CUTEST CHALLENGE! a cooperative PS4 game.



But of course, our journey alongside the Melbits did not end there. After observing how people played, we looked for new ways to interact with them. But first, we needed to know more about their nature, what we call The Melbiology.


Where do Melbits come from? How do they evolve?

We knew little about Melbits back then: They live in the Digital Realm, they help connected devices function properly, and there are different breeds and families. But that’s not enough! We needed to know much more, but our studies rarely shed any light.

Until one day, when we received a mysterious email. It was signed with the alias “MIA97”, nothing else. In the message, a cryptic text: “You have always known the Melbits, you have only forgotten their form. Look for the limits of your imagination and you will find their origin ”.

Imagination? When we read it, it sounded like fairy tales…. Fairies… Fantasy? Right then, an idea crossed our minds: What if the Melbits did not come from the digital world? What if they came from somewhere else? What if they are… magical creatures?

The pieces started to fall into place. In the past, humans believed in magical entities such as fairies, elves, dragons ... Mythological beasts and characters that we respected and populated our stories. Now they are left behind, forgotten since ancient times, but what if the pixies survived by migrating from our plane to the Internet?


Melbits POD, the key to a fantasy world

In our interactions with the Melbits we discovered that what motivates them can be mainly divided into two categories: feelings and bonds. However, we know that technology is made up of bits and pixels, not feelings or relationships. Therefore, human inputs are needed for it, we can bring the emotion which Melbits thrive on.

Suddenly, the mystery was no more. Melbits need humans to grow and evolve! That changed everything!

Next day, when we arrived at the studio, we couldn't believe our eyes. Overnight, our 3D printer had printed some kind of... device. An incubator. Later we discovered that the same person that sent us that strange email, MIA97, had hacked our printer. Next to this egg shaped object, our regular printer pumped out a note. And this is when things got exciting. The sheet of paper read: “This is the Melbits POD, a device capable of creating, nurturing and transporting Melbits. To use you will need to combine different elements of nature with human interactions. Further instructions will follow”.


Now it’s your turn


Now you know the secret origins of the Melbits, but also the Melbits POD, a mixed reality device with magical capabilities we are excited to uncover. For the time being we are creating more units which we will share with all of you, future Melbit Makers, in an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. If you would also want to join us in our quest to help the tiny Melbits grow and multiply, please subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise! You’ll only receive the latest, most relevant news and exclusive perks from MIA97 herself and Teeko, her very own Melbit!.




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