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The manufacturing process of the Melbits POD has begun!

It has been a while since we announced our ucoming project, the Melbits POD. After creating the first prototype, thanks to MIA97 help, we’ve been polishing and preparing the manufacture of the first batch of this toy designed to spark creative thinking.

Probably you've been wondering how the project has been going since then. If you kept an eye on social media, perhaps you caught some sneak peek content of our workshop in Lanzadera, and if you’re a member of the Melbits Club, you'll have received in your inbox exclusive perks and information about the Melbits and their magical device.

Today, we’re very excited to announce that the production phase of this mixed-reality toy has started. After finishing the design and engineeting phase in Valencia some members of Melbot’s team traveled to Asia to meet with Acctron, our technological partner.

Firstly, we have to say that it wasn't our first time at China, but to be honest, the country still amazes you every time you pay a visit. After making stopovers in different places, Melbot gathered in Hong Kong early in the morning. Just a quick step by before going to Shenzen, the “Chinese Silicon Valley”.

Once there, we went to one of the most symbolic places of Shenzen: the Huaqiangbei district. You could film a Blade Runner alike scene there. Full of shopping malls with different floors full of all kinds of hardware components. Maker’s Paradise. We wandered around there for a while, checking electronics, 3D printers, robots and smart toys.

Next day, we went to Guangzhou to our partner's headquarters, where we had a workshop to discuss all the technical details needed to begin te manufacturing process.

Our next destiny was Kowloon, the continental zone of Hong Kong. There, we went to Fuk Wing Street, also known as the toy street. In that place, you can find anime figurines, drones, legos… Without any doubts, by going there you can see that the “made in Hong Kong” toy industry keeps strong. Almost every toy you could find in Akihabara comes from that place.


Again, we took the rest of the day off to go for a walk and see the skyline of Hong Kong. It’s impressive to see Honk Kong Island from Kowloon Bay. A “must” for everyone who visits the city. Finally, that night we ate the best dimsungs we ever tasted. When we woke up the following day, we went directly to the airport on our way to Beijing. We had to say farewell to Hong Kong, but only for a while. We’ll come back soon to finish what we’ve already started.

Why we went to Beijing? That’s for another story. Meanwhile, you can follow the Melbits on social media and stay tuned for upcoming news and announcements subscribing to our newsletter.

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