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Presenting the Melbits POD! A mixed-reality toy to spark creative thinking


Video games are cool. Their power to get us immersed in fantasy worlds that we can share with family and friends is fenomenal. But what about toys? We bet you can still remember those days when the adventures with your favorite toys happened on the limits of your imagination... And what if we tell you that, in Melbot, we’ve combined the best of the two worlds?

A year has passed since we released Melbits World on PS4. Our vision to create family friendly entertainment to have fun in a positive way took us to discover the Melbits. Those cute pixies, descendants of forgotten fantasy worlds, have found their place in every device connected to the internet and now contribute to make us smile with their good vibes.


Coop party game for PS4

A mixed-reality toy to spark creative thinking

Creative thinking is the father of invention, and the world of tomorrow is going to need a lot it. What about getting our kids to play with a toy that builds on top of videogames to bring back the joy of open ended  traditional toys gameplay?.  Let's get kids to use their imagination while playing again. That’s why in Melbot Studios we are so excited to announce our next adventure in the journey along with the Melbits: a toy with multiple sensors that react to light, temperature and movement where you have to get creative to hatch and nurture your own tribe of Melbits, the Melbits POD.

Melbits POD is a mixed-reality toy designed to spark and boost imagination and creative thinking. It combines the on/screen interaction with the cute Melbits with the potential to play with your surroundings to create them, the Melbits POD has been created to train positive values like empathy, patience or responsibility  at the same time that engourages creative problemsolving through the best way: playing.


A mixed-reality to spark creative thinking
Use your surroundings to nurture your own Melbits

We can proudly say that the Melbits POD has been designed and developed with a true maker spirit. We are not a big toy company, we are just a bunch of creative souls looking to imprive digital manners and relationships trhu play. Numerous design iterations have been 3D printed,  in our workshop located  at Lanzadera, solded and assembled one by one.



Presenting the Melbits POD at Dreamhack Valencia

During the last Dreamhack, which took place in Valencia from 5th to 7th of July,  we presented an alpha version of the toy that takes the tamagotchi philosophy to the next generation. Kids and adults enjoyed playing with the Melbits POD and creating their very own Melbits during the 3 day event.


An Alpha prototype during Dreamhack 2019.

Now we are quickly refining this mixed reality toy while ramping up for production and for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign that will take place soon. Be part of our journey and get to know more about the design and development of the Melbits POD, subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned. Thanks for Reading!




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