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Melbits POD amongst the most innovative toys at Nuremberg toy Fair

Melbits POD and the Melbot team travelled to Nuremberg on February to exhibit our “never-ending” surprise egg as one of the 3 startups selected to participate with a dedicated booth at the Tech2 play area.

We also got featured in the toy trends gallery area as part of the “Physical goes digital” trend. This trend is going to be particularly strong in 2021, in which many toys that come from videogames characters and IPs will hit the shelves.

At the Tech 2 play we were highlighted as one of the freshest proposals for 2021. The POD felt at home amongst many STEM, electronic and other augmented reality toys.  Melbits POD was also shortlisted as a candidate for the Toy Award in the Startup category. Many major toy companies and buyers came to experience the POD’s demo first hand with an extremely good reception.

This was a great way to present our augmented reality  incubator to hatch virtual pets to the world ahead of our pre-sales Kickstarter campaign, starting on March the 17th.

Wow, March the 17th is right around the corner…KEEP THE DATE!