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Melbits POD, the AR virtual pet incubator, hits Kickstarter next March 17th!

It’s been a minute! Few weeks ago we announced the Melbits POD and now, in just a few days, will start its Kickstarter campaign! Our Next Gen Virtual Pet Incubator will hit the crowdfunding platform next March 17th.

If you have recently discovered the POD, it’s a physical/digital game that encourages kids to use their imagination and creative problem-solving skills in the real world. It merges AR, digital pixies and real life puzzles to evolve, hatch and take care of your Melbits. We aim to bring back the joy of playing with your surroundings, and so redefining the “virtual” in virtual pets.

Cool! But wait… What is Kickstarter?

If by chance you don’t know what Kickstarter is; don’t worry, we got you covered.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects: films, games, music, even art, design and technology. Each project creator sets a funding goal and campaign dates. If people like the project, they can contribute with their money to make it happen. Kickstarter funding is “all or nothing” – that means, if the project doesn’t reach its goal before ending the campaign, there is no charge for the backer. If the project reaches its funding goals, the payment charge will take effect when the campaign ends.

The process to support a project and make a pledge is the following:

  • Firstly, make sure that you’re logged in to a Kickstarter account. If you don’t have one you can set one up here.
  • Go to the project you’d like to support and click the green “Back this project” button on the page. Alternatively, you can scroll down to select a reward tier.
  • After you’ve selected your reward tier and shipping option, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment details. To complete your pledge, click the “Pledge” button and you’ll be all set! You should receive a confirmation email to confirm that you are now a backer of the project.

If you still aren’t convinced about the POD or how it works, a member of the team is going to show you how the basics work

One step for a Melbit…and a giant invitation to Melbit Makers FB Group!

We started a Melbit Maker FB Group where we are going to share super cool stuff about the POD, arrange giveaways and hear your feedback!

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