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Melbits World Launches in the Americas!

Melbits World launches in the Americas!

Our party puzzle game for PS4 Melbits World is finally released in all american teritories on February 5th!!

If you still have no idea of what the heck is Melbits World, this game is one part Tamagotchi, one part Lemmings, and equal parts addictive and hilarious to play. A cooperative puzzle game where you will have to cooperate with your friends and family to save all the Melbits.

This time, the controller is your phone and using the official PlayLink app for Android and iOs, you’ll boot up your smartphone to manipulate trampoline, barriers, switches and all kind of artifacts that will help you guide this lovely and awesome creatures back home.

Melbits’ mission is to keep the Internet’s good vibes and they live inside everything that is connected. Since the Internet needs more Melbits than ever, it’s the players’ duty to grow the small community that lives inside their PS4!


Early press reception:

Melbits World is the cutest game that I’ve ever played. Not only that, it’s also impressively challenging and a fantastic co-op experience for up to 4 players. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys local multiplayer with friends.

A.J. Maciejewski // Score: 8.2/10 a Video Chums

Melbits World created some incredible moments of laughter and triumph as we completed levels, unlocked stickers, unleashed some series dance moves, and fought off Viruses from our tablet screens. With four themed regions with nine levels per region and plenty of cosmetics to unlock, Melbits World has plenty of charm to keep the party going.

Damien Gula  // Score: 8/10 at GameSpace

These little creatures are goofy, well-animated, and undeniably cute. But Melbits World doesn’t just work because of them; its also one of the best uses of the PlayLink system so far.

TY Sheedlo / Score: 7/10 at Screen Rant



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