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The cutest challenge: Melbits™ World for PS4 is releasing in SIEJA regions

Melbits™ World, the PS4 winning game of the 2017 PlayStation® Talents awards from Europe, is about to land in Asia. After charming the hearts of European and American PS4 players, the adorable cooperative game developed by the Spanish indie developers Melbot Studios, will release next October 10th in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapur, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea.

Melbits™ World is a co-op puzzle-platformer in which coordination is key. In this game, you’ll guide the Melbits™, cheerful creatures that live inside everything that is connected: phones, tablets, PC´s, consoles. Melbits' mission is to keep Internet’s good vibes so it can keep on working. Melbits™ neutralize the evil viruses that cause everything digital to malfunction. Since Internet needs more Melbits™ than ever, it’s the players' duty to grow the small community that lives inside their PS4™!

Team up with your family and friends and use your phone as a controller to collect and guide these characters through many challenging levels. In this refreshing title, players have to make the most of their group skills to be able to solve the intricate levels. Each player controls a different part of the scenario and it’s a group effort to keep all Melbits™ safe and sound when they walk through the maze.

Besides its release on PS4, Melbits™ World will be published on other platforms and devices at the end of this year. For more information & assets about the game, check out the press kit.