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ARIES, the author of Melbits World soundtrack

ARIES, a Spanish indie composer
If you know Melbits™ World, our new family game for PS4™ from the PlayLink range and you’ve been lucky enough to play a demo or watch some video on our social networks, you may not be able to stop humming in your mind some of the themes heard on their levels and you’ll wonder… But how can it be, if I’ve only listened to it for a few seconds? Perhaps this question can best be answered by the author of the soundtrack and entire universe of Melbits.

She is one of the most refreshing artists in the Spanish indie scene and a regular part of the poster of numerous festivals such as Primavera Sound, she is Isabel Fernández Reviriego, also known as ARIES.


– How is this first experience of creating the soundtrack and the sound effects of a video game?

For me, it’s been a wonder. I’m happy to be able to work on something so fun and creative, producing the songs freely and giving free rein to the imagination. It’s a challenge and it’s a pleasure.

I also like to work with like-minded people like Melbot Studios, who understand us very fast.

-What is it that attracts you most to create music for video games?

The most beautiful thing is when you see the game running and everything comes to life. The truth is that it excites me when I see the Melbits jump and walk around with the music and all the voices and effects… And when I see the videos of the kids freaking out with the game, that’s super cute.

-It’s not your first experience in the transmedia world, right? What can you tell us about your work in Adventure Time?

In Adventure Time, I have made the voices of the songs of a lot of female characters such as the Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess, Fionna, the mother of Marcelline… and also many songs sung by squirrels, ghosts, lots of sweets… All those super cute characters that the series has. I’m a big fan and every time they send me an episode I swallow it running to see what’s cooking in the plot. A few weeks ago I had the honor of singing the song of the final episode and it was very exciting.

– What inspired you to compose the Melbits soundtrack and what process do you follow?

I have been inspired by the Melbits themselves, by their own idiosyncrasies and the different worlds they travel through. I have tried to create a living environment with sounds that vibrate and flow with beautiful melodies. I especially enjoyed the production as each world has allowed me to approach very different musical genres and productions.

The process is to first create the melodies and mood that will have that world and then the song is produced by choosing the palette of sounds and types of rhythms. I have recorded and produced everything with the invaluable help of the Pastora Studios in Vigo, where I usually work.

-What differences do you find between composing for a series and for a video game?

For me, the fundamental difference is between composing for my Aries albums and composing for “other creatures” or other projects. When I make music for others, I have to materialize what they have in mind and I like that very much; it’s as if I had to be someone else. When it comes to my albums it’s a process of “digging” into myself and that’s sometimes very hard!

-How do you get your melodies to be SOOOO catchy?

Thank you very much! Well, I do not know! What I do is work hard, put in many hours and try to maintain a relationship with fresh music and as innocent as possible. I’m always listening to music and singing, I’m excited to discover new things and I’m open to all kinds of sounds.

– Do you want to repeat with Melbits?

If they claim me, I’ll be here! I am happy to participate in this adventure.

You can follow her on Twitter or Bandcamp or listen to this playlist with all the musical themes of the games!

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