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Melbot Studios presents Melbits™ World Pocket for smartphones in the Mobile World Congress

Presenting Melbits World in the Mobile World Congress

After being released on PS4 as one of the first indie titles of the PlayLink catalogue, the Melbits start a new journey to spread their good vibes on mobile devices. Melbot Studios is thrilled to announce, in the Mobile World Congress, the first version of Melbits World for mobile. From 25th to 28th February, some of the lucky influencers attending the event will have the chance to be one of the first testers of the new Melbits app.


Likewise the console version published on the Sony platform, in “Melbits World Pocket” the players will have to guide the cute Melbits on a new adventure designed for single player along different mini-worlds that represent the Internet with the aim to avoid the wreck of the digital world because of the virus.

This new version for mobile devices will be released soon exclusively for iOS users. We expect to announce upcoming news about its development soon. If you want to be kept posted about all the news related to Melbits or if you’d like to be one of the first ones to test the new mobile version in the upcoming beta, subscribe to the Melbits Club.


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