Melbot Studios
Based in Valencia, Barcelona

Founding date:
September, 2017


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Melbits World Mobile
Melbits Pod
Melbits World

Edificio MediaTIC, Carrer de Roc Boronat, 117, 08018 Barcelona, BARCELONA

+34 680 58 08 27


Melbot is an entertainment startup from the east coast of Spain with offices in Valencia and Barcelona. Its focus is to develop proprietary products that combine the best attributes of toys – like the tangibility and open ended play – with the immersive, narrative and multimedia aspects of videogames; all under fresh and cohesive new IPs that weave the narrative with the products themselves. With Melbits, our goal is to bring a positive spin to the use of digital technologies and help families to create healthy digital manners through play. Melbot has put together a strong trans-disciplinary team with its focus on designing and developing products that always have a rich narrative, an outstanding execution quality and a versatile scalability.


Early history

Melbot is an entertainment startup founded in 2017 by David Montero and Ivan Expósito. Both come from top tier agencies in the Industrial Design and Videogames sectors, and after working in projects for several fortune 50 companies and being creative souls, they decided to start their journey to create entertainment products in their own terms.

After that

After their indie debut with Melbits World, a coop game starred by cute digital pixies tasked to protect the digital world from evil viruses, they have won several European awards. The game was published on several platforms: PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam. They also released a new single player version of the game for iOS and soon it'll be released on Android. The next step for Melbot as indie toy makers is the Melbits POD, a physical toy that allows you to incubate and hatch your own digital Melbits.



Trailer Melbits World YouTube

Trailer Melbits POD YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Game of the Year Award - Melbits World." - PlayStation Talents 2017
  • "Cs UPV Best Project Award" - UPV 2017
  • "Best Mobile Game - Melbits World" - Gamelab 2020
  • "Best Video Game Award - Melbits POD" - Europlay 2020
  • "100 "Rasing Stars" and Play Creators Awards Nominee - Melbits POD" - Mojo Nation 2020
  • "Innovative Toy Nomine Tech2Play - Melbits POD" - Nuremberg 2020

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Iván Expósito Sánchez
Co-Founder y Studio Head

David Montero González
Co-Founder and Creative Director en MELBOT

Josema Roig

Javier Cañete Egea
CFO and People Manager

Miguel Ángel Expósito Sánchez
Research and Development Tech lead

Carlos Moreno Muñoz
Lead Programmer

Enrique Sánchez Cabanas
Lead Artist

Miguel Angel Betoret
Gameplay Programmer

Carlos Corella
Marketing Manager


Press Relations

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