Melbot Studios
Based in Valencia, Barcelona

Release date:
14 Nov, 2018 (PS4 Europe) - 5 Feb, 2019 (PS4 America) - 16 Dec, 2019 (Steam) - 19 Dec, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)

PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch


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The different users who are playing have to concentrate and coordinate correctly if they want to move forward, it is like a kind of "three legs" race. It is a game that encourages communication and teamwork, especially for younger players. When you put Melbits World for the first time, you will find the 4 Melbits that live inside your PS4; those are the Melbits that your team has to carry through the different levels. You have to save at least 2 Melbits in each level in order to unlock the next, and the more Melbits the team can save the more Melbits will get. An important part of the game is Increase the amount of Melbits that "live" on your PS4. The levels are becoming more complex as players progress through the game and also the number of obstacles and viruses that are added. A timer adds one more degree of difficulty and a bonus for the fastest and most decisive teams. Melbits are this adorable kawaii characters that somehow embody Internet’s good vibes and their mission is to make everything digital work, in short, they are the opposite of the viruses that represent the all the bad stuff on the internet and make everything that's digital to break. The more Melbits exist, the better the Internet and everything digital will work. In this game players make will help a group of melbits in their journey through the different mini-worlds that make up Melbits World, which ultimately represents the internet and all the things that are inside it. "Melbits are here just to brighten up the day, make us have a good time with friends and family and help us to crack a good LOL, that’s it... We really love the idea of transmitting this spirit of pure and simple fun from the classic video games to the new generations and Melbits are the perfect incarnation of that. The compatibility with PlayLink makes Melbits World the perfect game to bring together different generations and styles of gamers whether they are family or colleagues or expert or casual gamers.


Early history

Melbot is an entertainment startup founded in 2017 by David Montero and Ivan Expósito. Both come from top tier agencies in the Industrial Design and Videogames sectors, and after working in projects for several fortune 50 companies and being creative souls, they decided to start their journey to create entertainment products in their own terms.

With Melbits the studio wanted to launch a different proposal within the Playlink range, making an arcade-inspired game with kawaii aesthetics for the youngest audiences and trying to provide those new Playstation daddies with a fun game to play with their children.


  • Collaborative puzzle game suited for the family and friends of all ages.
  • Collect and guide the Melbits through challenging levels full of traps, while dodging viruses, collecting seeds and spreading good vibes online.
  • Cute kawaii aesthetics.
  • Really accessible game, players only need to install a free app in their phones to join the party.
  • 4 races of Melbits, 3 families per race. 3 types of virus and 4 kinds of power-up's. 20 customization accessories included.
  • 4 worlds, each one with 9 levels.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "PlayStation Talents 2017. Game of the Year Award."
  • "Cs UPV Best Project Award"
  • "Most Innovative Indie Game. Gameboss 2018 Indie Festival (sponsored by MAPFRE)"

Selected Articles

  • "The sickly sweet, blocky Melbits themselves are cute, but the worlds that surround them are also eye-catching in a minimalist way. It’s certainly hard to think of a PlayLink game as visually appealing as this one."
    - Sam Brooke, PushSquare
  • "Melbits World is a great game in which you’re not just playing with your kids, but also communicating with them as you try to solve problems together. It certainly is one of the most intuitive and fun Playlink titles so far – one where it makes perfect sense for it to be a Playlink title too."
    - Staff, PressPlayNews
  • "Melbits World promete una divertida experiencia que no sólo celebra el trabajo en equipo y la importancia de cada cual cumpla con su rol, sino el ambiente positivo en Internet."
    - Laura Luna, Meristation
  • "Se va haciendo más interesante a medida que sube la dificultad y se han avanzado unos cuantos niveles. Es un concepto original e interesante para un multijugador cooperativo y que puede poner a prueba las habilidades de una familia y ayudarle a sentirse más unida."
    - Sara Borondo, Vandal

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Monetization Permission

Melbot Studios allows for the contents of Melbits World to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Melbits World is legally & explicitly allowed by Melbot Studios. This permission can be found in writing at http://melbot.es/presskit/sheet.php?p=Melbits_World.

About Melbot Studios

Melbot is an entertainment startup from the east coast of Spain with offices in Valencia and Barcelona. Its focus is to develop proprietary products that combine the best attributes of toys – like the tangibility and open ended play – with the immersive, narrative and multimedia aspects of videogames; all under fresh and cohesive new IPs that weave the narrative with the products themselves. With Melbits, our goal is to bring a positive spin to the use of digital technologies and help families to create healthy digital manners through play. Melbot has put together a strong trans-disciplinary team with its focus on designing and developing products that always have a rich narrative, an outstanding execution quality and a versatile scalability.

More information
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Melbits World Credits

Iván Expósito Sánchez
Co-Founder and Studio Head

David Montero González
Co-Founder and Creative Director en MELBOT

Josema Roig

Javier Cañete Egea
CFO and People Manager

Miguel Ángel Expósito Sánchez
Research and Development Tech lead

Carlos Moreno Muñoz
Lead Programmer

Enrique Sánchez Cabanas
Lead Artist

Miguel Angel Betoret
Gameplay Programmer

Marcelo Villarreal
Gameplay Programmer

Óscar Grego
Level Designer

Jezzabel Alonso
2D Artist

Joel Roset

Miriam Vilaplana
Community Manager

Carlos Corella
Marketing Manager


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