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The toys that made Melbits™POD part 3: “Invizimals”

You’re at home, grab your PSP and start looking all over the place carrying some weird cards with you. You don’t know what you are searching yet, but you know what you’d like to find. Suddenly, in the most out-of-the-way of the house, the hunting pays off: you’ve discovered the Invizimals.

What if our environment was full of invisible creatures made by a light that our eyes can’t see? And what if you can capture them with smartphones, consoles or even cards?

After the success of Pokémon or Digimon, that’s the next idea based in capturing and collecting digital monsters proposed by Novarama. The twist? Being like a Ghostbusters-inspired thing, the studio led by Daniel Sánchez Crespo proposed to use our PSP cameras to bring the “hunt” to our world using Augmented Reality and marker cards to catch them all.


Invizimals: Join the hunt

Invizimals can appear anywhere. Their location depends mainly on the colors’ surface and time hours. Once captured, players can tame them and make them evolve through battles against the IA or other players.

Invizimals starts in 2007. Gathering such interest by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe that crystallizes in an exclusivity deal between them and Novarama. 


From video game to transmedia license

The rest, as they say, is history. Sequel after sequel, product after product, Invizimals IP grows and evolves like their creatures. Gathering praise and awards by the media, and being one of the most successful games for the PSP, the Novarama’s saga is not another “toy-meets-video game” proposal, but ends being a license that covers different formats and media. Along its trajectory, Invizimals has released:

  • Six video games on PSP, PSVITA, PS3
  • Apps on IOS and Android
  • Sticker collections and trading cards, in partnership with Panini
  • Toys, in partnership with IMC Toys
  • An official, computer-generated TV show, in partnership with BRB
  • Books, in partnership with Penguin/Random House
  • Other products like puzzles, bikes, school material… among others

Melbot: Blending physical and digital worlds

Likewise Digital Toys or Toys to life, Invizimals is another referent and inspiration source for Melbot. After the releasing of Melbits World for PS4, we keep innovating in the world of entertainment looking to blend toys, games and reality augmented experiences.

Unlike Novarama’s idea, our mission as Melbits Maker is to hatch and nurture digital pixies combining elements from the real world like temperature, movement or light. A digital toy that allows the player to interact with it in an open-ended way, allowing you to create your own tribe of Melbits however you want.

Melbits POD is the next step for these digital pixies in their transmedia evolution. Who knows if you will follow their adventures on the screen or you’ll end up collecting them with trading cards. 

For now, the first aim is to bring this toy designed to spark the imagination to the players. For that, we will need your support in an upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

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