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What the heck is MELBITS WORLD and why should I care?

If you like video games and you have followed the latest Sony PlayStation releases at E3, you might have noticed that amongst the new PlayLink titles for this 2018 there’s a really cute family game called Melbits that almost nobody knows anything about… But, How have those characters managed to get there? And most important … What the heck are Melbits??? And what intentions do they have???

The story behind this family game.

Melbits World is the winning game of the 2017 edition of the PlayStation Talents contest from Spain and as far as we know, the first indie title that sneaks into the official PlayLink games offering. Melbits is also one of the first games from the Talents program to gain some international visibility while is still in development and good proof of this was its announcement during the past E3, sharing the spotlight with other first party Playlink titles for this new season.

Melbits World will be Melbot’s first commercial release. Melbot is a young indie studio born in 2017 composed by some of the guys involved with titles like Invizimals, Aragami or the Fez and Spelunki PS4 ports that now have embarked in this adventure of self-publishing and self-financing this project. Only with the help of family and friends, the institutional support of Lanzadera, ICEC and Barcelona Activa and the opportunity offered by the PlayStation Talents program.

“With Melbits we wanted to launch a different proposal within the Playlink range, making an arcade-inspired game with kawaii aesthetics for the youngest audiences and trying to provide those new Playstation daddies with a fun game to play with their children. What we did not expect is that the game also worked so well with a grown-up audience and people gets really hooked to work out the levels, which ultimately are 3D puzzles that are resolved in a collaborative manner.”

So, what are Melbits? And why are they among us?

“In Melbot we like to think that we haven’t created Melbits, we just discovered them … for us, Melbits are this adorable kawaii characters that somehow embody Internet’s good vibes and their mission is to make everything digital work, in short, they are the opposite of the viruses that represent the all the bad stuff on the internet and make everything that’s digital to break. The more Melbits exist, the better the Internet and everything digital will work. In this game players will help a group of melbits in their journey through the different mini-worlds that make up Melbits World, which ultimately represents the internet and all the things that are inside it. ”

“Melbits are here just to brighten up the day, make us have a good time with friends and family and help us to crack a good LOL, that’s it… We really love the idea of transmitting this spirit of pure and simple fun from the classic video games to the new generations and Melbits are the perfect incarnation of that. We have great plans for Melbits and we believe that this first release for PlayStation with PlayLink is the perfect game to bring together different generations and styles of gamers whether they are family or colleagues or expert or casual gamers and have them all having a good time playing Melbits. ”

You will find Melbits World in PSN among the family games for PlayLink this next Christmas 2018, but until then if you want to keep up with the development of the product you can bookmark this page or follow us on our  social networks … We have surprises for those who join our mailing list!.

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